Parenting Time (Repeating Schedule)

There are 2 ways to enter parenting time into coparently; Repeating Schedule and Planner. Lets first go over the Repeating Schedule.  Please note that the Repeating Schedule can only be used to enter new parenting time where there is currently NO parenting time in the calendar.  To edit or change existing parenting time you must use the Planner, which is covered below.

1. First click on the 'Calendar' icon in the top navigation:

2. Next Click on the 'Parenting Time' button followed by the 'Repeating Schedule' button:

3.  This will take you to the 'New Repeating Schedule' form:

4.  Then select how often you want the schedule to repeat by selecting the number of weeks.

5.  Then select which days the children will be with which parent by clicking on the days.  Here we have put in a 2 - 2 - 3 alternating schedule. (Also known as an alternating weekend schedule.)

 6.  Every time there is a transition you will see a small black rectangle with a time in it.  By clicking on the time you can enter the transition details as below.

Please note that you can change the default transition time by going to Account, then "My Preferences" on the top left side of the Account page.

7. Then select the start date and the end date.  Please note that a Repeating Parenting time must start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. Also a Repeating schedule can only be applied where there is no Parenting Time currently in the calendar.  If there is currently parenting time in the schedule that you would like to change or edit please use the Planner function.







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    Theresa Weir (Theresa)

    This is insane. Why can't I delete the current repeating schedule and create a new one. Our schedules are going to change every once and awhile. Currently, I was just trying to see how the calendar works, now I have an incorrect calendar that is repeating for over a year. How do I delete it to make anew one. If I can't, this program is useless to me

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    Steven Tuckman (Steven)

    i agree

  • Avatar
    Kevin Wheeler (Kevin & Stephynie)

    I have sent in 7 emails regarding this, and no answer! Unreal!


  • Avatar

    This site is an outright scam--can't cancel your account and they dont respond

  • Avatar
    Janell Wimbley (Janell )

    There is no way to cancel the account online and credit card has continued to be charged although request made to discontinue service.

  • Avatar
    Tamra Werner (Tamra)

    Has anyone found out how to cancel your membership?  My debit card said I would have to cancel the card and get a new one.  That is so much work!


  • Avatar
    Rafael Garcia (Rafael )

    They are a scam, i have been trying to cancel for months and they will not answer or return call.  Please put a BBB complain.  Stay away from them

  • Avatar
    Jolynn Becker (Jolynn)

    I am going to cancel my account after reading this too, I can't get any messages or events to post to the board at all.

  • Avatar
    Kyle Jinks (Mr. Jinks)

    I’ve reach out to them to no avail, as it will let me do nothing but add pictures or screenshots to already existing conversations or logs.

  • Avatar
    Greg Dreeszen (Greg)

    Agreed, terrible product service.  I think they took the money and ran.  Sounds like everyone is having the same issue with these clowns.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Rolfe (Jennifer)

    I have put in two requests regarding not being able to write comments on existing feeds. We right now have to load word documents to communicate. I also went looking to try to figure out how to possibly cancel my subscription and it is not looking good either. 


  • Avatar
    Kyle Jinks (Mr. Jinks)

    I’ve made several requests, no replies to help chat or email. And says no one to take your call on the phone. I’ve used coparently since may 2021 and now it’s absolutely useless. It was no issue before. Past two months no way to do anything but upload photos or screenshotted notes to previous conversation or logged time!!

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