add event

1.  First click on the 'Calendar' icon in the top navigation:

You will then be in the month view of the Calendar.

2.  Next click on the 'Event' button:

3.  This will take you to the 'Add Event' form where you can add your event details.  Please note that all mandatory fields must be filled in order to save the event:

To set up a repeating event, click on 'Repeat'


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    Nora Davie (Nora)


    I was wondering if you are aware of any issues that your website might be having? I have not been able to add an event the past few times that I tried on either the desktop or mobile site. (I do know how, but it is like the save button no longer works).


    Thank you,

    Nora Davie

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    Kyle Jinks (Mr. Jinks)

    I have not been able to log dates add comments or use the communicator at all. The only thing I can do is upload photos to already logged items or conversations. I’ve reach out several times to your company to no avail.
    Kyle Jinks

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    Robin Bethea (Robin)

    I too cannot send a communication or add an appt/event.  This is really a problem.  If this can’t get fixed soon, I am going to be forced to stop using this site.

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    Christopher Niemi (Christopher)

    I have not been able to send a message or use the the calendar to add anything in over two months. I have sent numerous messages, with no response to any of them. 



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    Nora Davie (Nora)

    Same here and I’m starting to think this a Better Business Bureau issue

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    Dave Stolman (Dave)

    Hasn’t worked since November and no one replies from help desk. Now I am getting emails to add a new credit card number. I replied to the email asking for a new cc number and not a reply…..

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    Amanda Kattner (Amanda)

    Mine hasn't worked since November either yet we continue to pay for a useless app.  Please fix the problem.  

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