Parenting time add or Edit (Planner)

The "Planner" allows you to edit or add parenting time to your calendar.  Unlike the "Repeating schedule" the "Planner" can be used where parenting time already exists, however if used to edit existing parenting time it must be approved.  You can not edit pending parenting time.

1. First click on the "Calendar" icon in the top navigation:


2. Next click on the "Parenting Time" button, followed by the "Planner" button:


This will take you to the Parenting Time Planner entry form.  If you have already entered parenting time and it is approved you will see it on the page:

If there is no Parenting Time entered it will look like this:

3. To add / edit Parenting Time first choose which Parent you want to assign time too at the bottom of the Calendar:

 4. Then click on the calendar days that you want to assign to the selected parent:

Then select the other parent, as in Step 3, and click on the calendar days to assign to the selected parent:

Every time the child / children goes from one parent to the other there will be a transition event added.  To edit the time, location and Pickup/Dropoff Parent,  click on the blue transition event, then when finished click on the blue Save button:

 5. When you are finished assigning Parenting Time click on the blue Save button under the calendar:

You will then be asked to provide a reason for the change.  This information will act as the subject line in the Communicator message.


Please note that you can set the default transition time under "Account" then "My Preferences"




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